Cast iron toaster
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In one of the first episodes (possibly the first?) of True Blood, two police officers are standing in the house of a character (trying to be as spoiler free as possible) and they notice a cast iron implement by the fire, that the character explains is a device for putting by a fireplace to make toast with. Where can I buy one of these items from?

The thing in question is designed to hold a slice of bread upright. It's a flat base, with two upright prongs about an inch apart on either end, with a handle coming off it. I've tried various rephrasings of "toasting fork", but that only nets me devices that actually look like forks. This thing is designed to support the bread, not have the bread speared onto it like a fork would.
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Amazon has one.
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It's called a "fireplace toaster". Here's one place to buy antique fireplace toasters. Just googling "fireplace toaster" brings many results in different styles.
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Besides hunting down an antique one, you could also find a blacksmith who makes fireplace tools and the like, and commission one. They like a challenge. Or take a blacksmithing class like the one listed on this page, and make your own!
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It is also called a "pie iron" here's a catalog with a variety plus a book of recipes!
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Here's a pic of the thing in question. While I would totally LOVE to learn blacksmithing, sadly I'm looking to buy one rather than make one. Preferably for less than $50.
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The reason why you're having such trouble finding one is because the item in question is an antique. It's how they made toast before toasters and electricity. You can of course buy reproductions but as you've seen they tend to be more than $50. A pie iron is a totally different thing, and it's still in use by modern campers so you can find plenty cheap examples of those.
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There's this for $242.42 or this for $14.99 or this for $19.99 (also more below the links). Happy toasting!
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