Looking for an advanced Excel/Access crash course
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VBA and Macros and VLookup, Oh My! I might be ending up on a work assignment where they want someone who can create and edit complex Excel templates that interface with Access and Adobe Forms. I've used all these programs extensively, but I've only used advanced features sparingly (either editing someone else's creation or googling for a specific fix for a specific problem.) Difficulty level: I only have a week to cram on this before I would start. Is it possible for a quick learner to get up to speed enough not to crash and burn on a project like this? Can anyone recommend an online course I could binge on before having to take on this project?
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Try Lynda.com - a ton of resources that are available. There is a fee, but I've heard good things about it.

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How much wiggle-room do you have on the project?

My sense is that this stuff is doable, but if you don't already have familiarity with these aspects of the programs, despite having worked with the programs extensively, then your proclivities are probably such that it will take you a while to get up to speed. That's fine if you have plenty of wiggle-room, or a recipe for crashing and burning if you don't.
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