Help me find the magic orange peeler
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I know this exists because I've seen it: a stick that you use to peel an orange in one go.

But that's about all I know about it. One of my law school friends had a tool that she used to peel the oranges she brought in her lunch. It looked like a plastic stick and peeled an orange in one or two swipes.

The rest of us were all "WHAT SORCERY IS THIS" and clamored for a closer inspection, which she denied because law students are notorious thieves. She said that she got it at a Tupperware party years ago.

Metafilter, I want one of these magic peelers. Does this ring a bell with anyone?
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Best answer: These?
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Not for nothing... they're called "citrus peelers". Amazon has a wide selection. They are actually awesome.
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Response by poster: They come in sets of 10!! Thanks mochapickle!
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For what it's worth, I have one of these on which he end opposite the hook spreads out into a sort of narrow blade with dull edges. This end gets shoved beneath the skin of the orange to part the skin from its underlying flesh. Thumbs up.
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Pampered Chef makes an excellent citrus peeler, which in my opinion is quite a step up from the basic tupperware version.
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If you're just concerned with peeling oranges for yourself, you can also bite into the rind for an easy peeling start.
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