Recommend a vertical bicycle storage solution, please.
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I have two bikes and shed. The shed is 6'3" tall to 7'0" tall (slanted roof), 15' long and 6'5" wide. I should have no problem installing vertical bicycle storage mounts on the 7' side. However, there are a bazillion different kinds, and I don't understand how any of them work. A place I rented once had some, and I never figured out how to use them. So please help me with that too.

We don't cycle often, just around the 'hood on nice days. So the bikes take up a lot of room, disproportional to their usage. So I'd like to have something fairly sturdy to hold them up. The shed is unfinished inside, so they need to be able to mount to the studs, which are just 2x4s. Here is a photo.
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I just use one of these, driven into a stud. Simples.
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A basic hook like humboldt32 suggests is the cheapest solution. Bike wheels are strong (they take your whole body weight), and can handle the weight of the bike no problems.

Personally, I would prefer one of these kinds of hooks which are specifically designed for what you want to do. You can totally mount those on the studs. And they're still cheap.
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Yeah the hook. No need to complicate things.
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Yeah, I think the only question remaining is: how do you want your bikes arranged? The hooks His thoughts were red thoughts is recommending will have your bike vertical with the seat pointing away from the wall. The red hooks humboldt32 recommends could hang your bike from the ceiling (maybe?) or horizontally on the wall, similar to this rack.
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I want to hang them vertically, seat out, from the right wall (looking in as in the photo), toward the back.
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Yep, the cheap vinyl-coated oversize hooks sold at most hardware stores work fine.
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