English-language song with the same tune as Les Plaisirs de la Table?
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I'm pretty sure I have previously heard a song sung in English that has the same tune as this French-Canadian folk song. It may have been an Irish folk song. Does anyone recognize it?
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The exact same melody? There's a part of this melody that sounds like the "we called out for more" line in The Pogues "Fairytale of New York."
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it vaguely sounds like something that the postal service would have on their 'give up' album. maybe check that?
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That's Ye Banks and Braes, aka The Banks O' Doon by Burns.
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It sounds a lot like a Newfoundland folk song I remember singing in school, on just my first or second day in a Canadian school in grade 5... I googled what I remember of the lyrics and came up with this version, sung by (ugh) Great Big Sea.
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