Long overnight layover at FLL- what are my options?
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I land in Fort Lauderdale on Wednesday night at 8PM, and my 1-hour flight from FLL back home isn't until 7AM the following morning. What's a guy to do? When I transited through FLL last week, it didn't strike me as a lively airport. Any 24-hour coffee shops or restaurants in the airport? The Sheraton Hotel has a free shuttle and a bar open until midnight, so I could do that or get a room if I'm really willing to do that. Luggage is not an issue. Is one of those my best option?
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Sleeping in Airports says there is a 24 hour dunkin donuts.

One-way rental? Might be cheaper than the hotel.
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It really depends on your tolerance. When I was younger, grabbing some airport floor and vegging out with a book or movie or whatever and some beer and food was fine; now that I am a serious adult, any layover longer than 10 hours gets a hotel room.
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Get a hotel room or rent a car and hang out at some late night Miami haunts and go back to the airport at 4am.
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