Modifying AddThis on a WordPress blog
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I have a blog running WordPress with the Thesis theme, and the AddThis plugin. It currently shows AddThis buttons at both the top of a post and the bottom of a post (like this). All I want are the buttons at the top, as they appear now. How do I get rid of the buttons at the bottom?
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Best answer: quick and dirty way:

1) Look at the source code (the generated HTML) and find out what the id or class is of the layer AddThis adds at the bottom.
2) Assuming it's unique, simply add a css rule of display:none to your stylesheet (or into the "custom styles" box that most themes have in their options)

They'll then still technically be there, but won't be visible to the user. Benefit of this approach is it means you don't have to edit any of the plugin files so you can happily update them whenever updates are available without having to remember your change and do it again.
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There should be a setting in your Add This control panel in Admin. (Are you hosted at WordPress or self hosted?)
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Response by poster: garius - That did it. Thanks!
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