What does "Have you been convicted of a crime?" mean?
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About three years ago, I got a public intox in Iowa that was expunged. Now I'm applying for apartments in a new state and I was asked on the application if I have ever been convicted of a crime. I'm used to them asking about felony charges so I said no but now I'm not so sure if that wasn't a big mistake.

I wasn't arrested since I had gotten into a car accident (received a ticket for failure to control the vehicle for that) and I had to be taken to the hospital to get checked out. When I went to court for it, I got a year's probation and, on completion of hat probation, it would be expunged since I was already in recovery and had been sober trot two months by the time the court date came around.

I've been sober for three years now and have applied and gotten a couple apartments and a job with AmeriCorps, all with that same record and background check. He charge does not appear in any of the Iowa court records that are publicly accessible while he Failure to Control the Vehicle does still show up.

I guess my question is, should I have put "Yes" on the application? I wasn't thinking when I wen through it and I hope this doesn't screw me over.
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Seconding sanka. Expunged means it didn't happen.
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When you received your expungement, you should have also received a court document explaining the expungement. You should keep that document in a safe place so that it is handy in case the arrest ever does show up in a background check.
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a findlaw blogpost.
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The arrest records are usually the sticky part of an expungement. I think you are in good shape since you were not arrested.
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