New Haven CT filter: where is the awesome, giant salvage shop?
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New Haven CT filter: where is the awesome, giant salvage shop?

My mom and aunt insist there's a giant awesome furniture and appliance and junk salvage store in new or north haven CT- or somewhere close by. They insist it is neither Railroad salvage nor Urban miners. Any idea what establishment they may be thinking of is? Descriptions included "giant, with awesome old and reclaimed stuff of all sorts and generally amazing quantities of home furnishings."

Google fails me. Hive mind?
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Just a stab in the dark, but could they have meant Universal Hotel Liquidators? I've never been, but I've heard they're a giant warehouse full of assorted home furnishings junk. I think they're in West Haven.
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English Building Market on Chapel? Not huge but very cool.
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Could it be the New Haven County ReStore in Wallingford?
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United House Wrecking in Stamford, CT?

I live a mile or so up the street, but I haven't visited them in a long time. They have a lot of repro and decorative items, but also real antiques.
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Acme Vintage Furniture? It's downtown, maze-like, and terrifying in the number of chairs, desks, and such stacked in towers to create narrow pathways. No appliances, though.
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the Demolition depot in Middletown is definitely awesome, although it has incredibly weird hours.
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It was United House Wrecking, which was located in New Haven 10 years ago (when my mom and my aunt last shopped for furniture, probably). The shop then moved to Stamford, before
Google was cool.

Thanks hive mind. Road trip to Stamford for me, with all the rest on the list too!
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