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Hi mefi, can anyone recommend sites/writers that post interesting longer articles in French?

I love Instapaper, and fill it with articles from Narratively, Instapaper daily and Longreads. I want to expand this to include content in French, I am pretty fluent so language level isn't a problem, but I don't really know where to look!
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Best answer: If you're into foreign affairs: Le Monde Diplomatique!
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Best answer: I wouldn't bother with sites linked with newspapers (of course Le Monde Diplomatique is nice, and Courrier international aggregates news form all over the world). To me, the killerest stuff to be found in the French internet realm is on France Culture (and maybe Arte and its info subsite) : From there, you'll get plenty of new stuff, book reviews, etc.
You could also try mediapart and Rue 89 (which isn't "independent" anymore since it's been bought by Le nouvel observateur, but maybe retain some of its original flavour - I don't know).
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Best answer: slate.com has their sister site slate.fr
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Best answer: Just today Le Devoir has a cahier on the classics and they often have cultural content of interest; L'actualité's Essais étrangers section is always worth a look; some of Radio-Canada's bloggers and columnists write about local affairs but some write on wider topics.
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Best answer: I love the raconter la vie project.
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone!
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