Paris wedding ring shopping?
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We are going to be in Paris next week, and want to go wedding ring shopping at a sort of vintage or antique jewellery store. I'm looking for a simple band for my tiny fingers. I'm looking for a nice band for under about $450, used is good. We don't want to go to the Wedding Ring Superstore or wherever. Do you know the perfect place to shop? Ideally, we walk in to a place with a lot of rings, I try on 6 of them, and BAM. job done. Thank you!
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This might be more than you're wanting to deal with, but what about hitting an auction at Hôtel Drouot? There are sales every day and I guarantee whatever you find would be the complete opposite of anything available at the Wedding Ring Superstore.
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No help here but make sure to get the sales tax back when you leave the country. It's quite substantial on jewelry.
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