Google Docs connectivity issue
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Why does Google Docs constantly remain offline even though my other internet functions continue without a problem?

Google Docs continues to be a thorn in my side as the program continues to lose connectivity. My other internet functions, email, video, news, etc are working fine. However, my ability to load Google Docs is an issue. I was continually getting an unconnected screen when accessing documents.

In order to bypass this problem I enabled my computer to use Google Docs offline. Now I can see my documents, but I can't edit them because I'm offline. The screen continues to tell me that I do have a connection and to "click here" in order to access my online document. Except.....that it doesn't.

Help! I've Googled this problem, but I end up in a lot of forums that deal with specific Google update errors that aren't relevant to this problem.

Overall, I have this problem on multiple computers, but have enabled offline access on only two. Neither of these two are having any other internet connection issues either at home or work, yet both have difficulty when it comes to loading Google Docs.
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Which browser are you using?
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flabdablet, I use Chrome primarily, but haven't noticed an improvement with other browsers.
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Does the problem occur both at home and at work?

Does the problem occur when only one computer is logged in to that Google account?
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It happens more at work which is weird because my work connection is vastly superior to my home internet.

I have more than one computer logged in, but I would not say that any other computers are using that Google account.
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How does web access happen at work?

Does it go via a corporate VPN and then out to the world via a proxy server?

If so, does that proxy server require authentication?

If so, what authentication mechanism (basic, digest, NTLM etc) do your browsers use to identify and authenticate you to the proxy server?

Are your work IT folks able to check the proxy logs for you, and see if your attempts to access Google Docs cause any requests to get blocked, either via specific blacklists or because of failed or missing authentication?
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