Does anyone have any information about Harvard Risk Management Corp?
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A friend has an upcoming interview with Harvard Risk Management. There are one or two results on the first Google page that indicate they might be scammy, but the details are sketchy. I'm looking for more information about the company.
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Best answer: Ripoff Report: Harvard Risk Management

Glassdoor has plenty of "BEST JOB EVAR!" reviews and one rather pointed one saying it's a pyramid scheme

They have a resolved BBB complaint, again with the words "pyramid scheme"

Scambook entry, detailing $115 "background check fee"

Bottom line: the words "pyramid scheme" come up frequently in discussions of this company. There is some grey area between a Multi Level Marketing company and a pyramid scheme. Learn more here.
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Generally speaking you should be extremely skeptical of any organization that adopts the name of a famous institution/place/person without a material connection to it.
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If their upside is "Maybe they're not a full-on pyramid scheme, maybe they're just MLM... like Amway," I can't imagine wanting to sign on with them.
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I work in risk management. There are about a zillion other companies in the risk/insurance/benefits fields, almost all of whom seem less shady. You might suggest to your friend that they pick up recent issues of some of the trade magazines (Business Insurance, Risk Management, maybe HR) and check out the ads there instead.
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