GAGA Ball Pit in Portland OR metro area
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My kids' school recently installed a GAGA ball pit (link) in their playground, and my 5-year old boy is in love with the game. His birthday is coming up, and we were thinking it would be great to incorporate some gaga into the party. We could have it at the school...except there are no bathrooms...which seems like a deal breaker for a kids birthday party. Does anyone know if there is another of these gaga pits anywhere in the Portland Metro Area (with bathroom access)? I have googled, and come up with nothing...but surely if there's one out there, Metafilter can find it! Thanks!
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Can you rent a portapotty?
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If you can't rent one, can you make one with some boards built up and tipped over? We'd play in a gym or open field using tipped over benches similar to these.
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I was thinking - can you talk to the school and see if the company that installed it has installed others if renting a portapotty won't work?

Alternatively, have it a short party and or include on the invite that there are no bathrooms onsite (and have someone available to ferry to a local place that you can use the bathroom like a grocery store or a fast food place you're buying all the food from).
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It's not exactly what you are looking for but Sky High Sports does kids birthday parties -- they have dedicated trampoline areas for the party -- and they do dodgeball. I would think they could help you implement GAGA rules for the dodgeball. Added advantages are bathrooms, running water, food, and trampolines :).

[I have no interest in Sky High Sports except that my kid likes it there and it lets him work off some of his energy, especially in the winter time :).]
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I have seen a gaga pit created by tipping over your basic rectangular folding tables to form the sides, but you would technically need 8 of them which might be difficult to get your hands on.
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Gaga is pretty big in the Jewish camp scene (I think it may be an Israeli game?) So maybe try calling the Portland JCC and see if they either have a setup, or know who does?
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For impromptu gaga we also made the sides with those long folding tables on their sides. The legs pulled out make them pretty damn stable. Maybe rent some tables?
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I don't know if this will fit your needs as it's a drive, but I'm pretty sure Camp Yamhill has one of these pits. My son attended last summer and when I asked him what it was for he said "Octagon Ball."

The camp is located about 20 minutes SW of Sherwood, which is itself about 20 minutes from Portland.
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