Where can I find example screenshots / URLs of HTML email marketing?
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I'd like to discuss examples of good and bad HTML email marketing with a group. Sure I can go into my inbox and find a few mailers that different retailers have sent me, but are there any sites that track the best (or worst) in class for current email marketing? Finding it hard to Google this as I end up with a lot of HTML tutorials. This "Email Design LookBook 2014" is probably the closest I have found, though ideally I'd like to have URLs or high res full screenshots, not a Powerpoint slide.
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The Litmus blog regularly takes a look at effective newsletters--although looks like they've been hiring a lot recently so you'll have to dig through the archive. This one on Auto Trader shows a nice before/after:


This is one of my favorites from deeper in their archives. A pizza company using the "images-off" version of their email to great effect:

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Campaign Monitor put out a document called The top 100 email marketing campaigns of 2013 with some notes on all mentioned (you need to enter your email but you can unsubscribe immediately, or use a throwaway email address). Campaign Monitor also has a gallery with actual HTML pages you could check out.

There's a blog called Really Good Emails where they just post a bunch of marketing and transactional emails. Not sure they're all "Really Good" but you can see what people are up to, like with the Campaign monitor gallery.

I don't know what your goal exactly is, but keep in mind that visually or technically impressive does not necessarily mean effective.
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My first thought would be to check what the emailing service companies give as best practices. Ex. Mailchimp and SendGrid
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I attend free webinars from MEC Labs about once a month. They do live optimizations of emails and websites during the webinars, so I bet they have a ton of examples.
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