Rip a DVD, add timecode?
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I know how to copy a DVD to my PC. How do I add a timecode?

If it matters, I'm trying to transcribe the audio portion of a DVD of about 2 hours' worth of poorly recorded presentation using technical terms I may not be familiar with. I'm going to need to show in the transcript where the term "blahblahblah" was spoken so someone smarter than me can go into the video, listen to it, and identify the words.
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You mean burn it in to the video? Why? Can't you use the counter in whatever video playing app you're using?

Anyway, "burned-in timecode" is the feature you need to Google for. Can't say any more without knowing what tools you have available.
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QuickTime supports timecode tracks. It is really easy to add a timecode track using QTTimeCode (available for Mac or Windows).

There are a bunch of other free tools to do this as well. I googled for "timecode quicktime" and found this app as well as a ton of other info about timecode.
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As per cillit bang, I don't quite understand why your app counter (second specific) is insufficient. You'd need full timecode if you wanted to make frame specific references, but it doesn't sound like you do.
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Well you can rip the contents to your HDD using DVD Shrink or DVD Decrypter, and then import those files into Ulead Video Studio 9 and add titles and text as you wish.

Then, burn it back to DVD in Ulead Video Studio.

DVD SHrink and DVD Decrypter = FREE
Ulead Video Studio 9 = NOT FREE
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Also, if you use ffdshow for playback you can have it add all sorts of info to the overlay. For example, you could have it add the timecode (hh:mm:ss) or even frame number. It will look as if it was burned in since it's added by the codec, and it will work regardless of the media player. But you don't actually need to burn it in, that would just be a large waste of time. (If you really want to do this, you can do it with virtualdub and avisynth.)
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