Argh ... need domain registrar with 5 box email but no website hosting
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I have 3 registered .com names that are used strictly to generate personal email addresses. My current registrar has hiked pricing and now only offers 10 box "business" email package. Much deceptive song and dance selling in this market! Anyone happen to know of a registrar that will provide 5 boxes accessible individually via POP3 without hosting an a website for the domain?? Many thanks!!
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Would one of these Hover plans meet your needs? I use them for domain registration only, no mailboxes, but I am very pleased with their pricing and customer service.
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Looks better than anything I had found. Thanks so much, I'll get in touch with them tomorrow and check details!!
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Great! (A live person will answer your call and be very helpful. I love these guys.)
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I use namecheap and
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I've used Gandi for years now and never had a problem. They offer a free POP/IMAP email service with domain registrations. I don't know how they compare on price with other providers, but they seem reasonable and I've never had a reason to switch away from them for my domain or email. It's a European outfit, but I think they operate internationally.
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2nding Gandi.
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I can also recommend Gandi, though I have not used their hosting services. It appears that they offer 3 "free site pages" with a domain registration, if you want them, so you can have a default "this is our company" page w/o much effort. If you don't want them, you almost certainly won't be forced to use them.
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It looks like you can use to host the email for free - you'll just have to pay the domain registration fee at the registrar of your choice.
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