Where to get Professional Liability and Disability Insurance
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I couldn't find any recent questions on this topic, so I wanted to ask you helpful folks for advice on where to begin researching professional liability and disability insurance. I'm an independent contractor, and it's also my first real job, so I'm trying to get all my ducks in a row. I'm in California, if it matters. Thank you.
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The professional association(s) for your particular trade will have a thriving sideline in referring or even brokering professional liability policies, and are often the only source for cover for a solo. Unless your trade is particularly dangerous, their rates on personal lines like disability won't necessarily be as good as you can get through a regular independent broker, but you should certainly include the association in your comparison shop.
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I suggest contacting Barbary Insurance, a broker in San Francisco. They offer all kinds of business insurance, including the types you mentioned (but not group medical plans).
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You could try what I did, and call one of the recruiting companies that places IT contractors, and ask for the number/email of the company who does their professional liability insurance.
They gave me a name & number, and bam, it's all standard fees etc, because it's a standard part of their IT contracts.
(Except there was a difference between the standard cover, and the amount I was required in MY contract, but the difference was like, $20 for the year).
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I seem to recall Lincoln Mutual having by far away the best professional liability insurance for my category of young professionals when I was looking for it but that was many years ago.
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