Name that videogame - sidescrolling kicky punchy
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This has been bothering me for ages. I played a sidescrolling platformer that involved a guy in a metal suit (?) who the player controlled. You kicked and punched to fight, and little shockwaves were emitted from your limbs when you did so. Can you name this game? Details under the fold.

So here's everything I can remember:
- Sidescrolling platformer with a sci-fi theme
- Would have been on either NES, SNES, or Genesis, I'm pretty sure
- You played a male character, with some sort of metal or bionic suit
- The character would kick and punch to fight.
- When you did the kicking and punching, little shockwaves would emit from your punches and kicks.
- When you got more powerups, the shockwaves went further.

Couple games it's not: Altered Beast, Metroid,

That's all I can remember. Thoughts?
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Captain Commando?
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I feel like there could be dozens of answers to this. The one that springs to my mind is Street Fighter 2010.
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That could maybe describe Alex Kidd in Miracle World for Sega Genesis (and probably some of the other games in the series, but I haven't played any others). It definitely had a powerup that increased the shockwaves from Alex's punches. Do you remember there being any incongruous rock-paper-scissors battles?

My first thought was Mega Man but that's probably too obvious and not quite a match.
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There's a NES game called Power Blade that had a powerup that turned your otherwise boomerang-wielding Bad Dudes also-ran into a metal-suited shooter of hadoken-like things, as in around 4:50 in this video.
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A couple longshots: Metal Slug or Ghosts and Goblins?
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Did you play this on a console, or in an arcade?
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Turrican 1 or 2?
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Street Fighter 2010 has that exact gameplay.
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Made me think of Shatterhand for the NES, especially at 8:40 in this clip.
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YES. Street Fighter 2010 is it! Holy crap, I love you, MetaFilter! Thank you all!
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