looking for timeclock software that works with handpunch machine
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We currently have a handpunch time clock at our office (the kind where the machine scans your hand and that's how you clock in/out. The software that came with it is limited and really old and we're looking to switch to better software, preferably something with a web interface and/or hosted so both managers and employees can look up the info they need from a browser. But man...there doesn't seem to be a whole lot of good, consolidated info out there and very little pricing info. We're looking for some advice/help on how to select the software.

At minimum we're looking for software that'll capture all the in/out data for each employee and summarize it so we can send it to ADP. Ideally, it'll also do things like email alerts (e.g. for missed punches, late punches, etc), a central in/out board for our managers to look at, and possibly a way to help employees do self service (look up their hours worked, maybe even look up benefits like how many vacation hours they've accrued).

So far, it seems like these are the best choices of software that may work with our hand punch machine and that have some sort of web interface option with some/all of the options we're looking for.

Kronos Workforce Central

Ultimate Software Ultipro

Paypro Timeforce II

TimeTrex (limited to timeclock & payroll. no benefits)

Does anyone out there have experience with this sort of thing? Should we just bite the bullet and spend time calling on each of the above to schedule demos, etc.? Any advice, specific or general? Things to look out for?

Oh, and we have about 80 employees.
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We use webtimeclock.com

They are ultra-efficient, inexpensive (1.99 per month per user), and amazing. Although our company does not have a physical hand-punch machine (employees just punch in and out from the web), which is easy enough, webtimeclock also offers a physical punch in clock (scroll down on the main page). I can't say enough good things about them.
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ADP does handle time and attendance as well as payroll, FYI. You're a little too big to get their small business product, RUN. But they have a great web-based product called eTime.
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Kronos Workforce Central will definitely do all of these things and has a slick web-based portal that your employees can use to request time off, look at accrued time, sign up for shifts, etc. It will definitely do email alerts and is very flexible about view and approval flows (you define employee groups and who can see their data, who the approvers are for them, etc). My only experience with it is in a very large enterprise setting, I don't know how it works in a smaller business (or whether it's cost-efficient at that point) but we have been very happy with it.

The only caveat that I have is that the terminals are expensive, and eventually you will need to upgrade hardware as the software evolves (we paid $5k per clock at version 4.xxx, and those clocks are not compatible with version 7). But that happens with any technology eventually.
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Thanks folks. We'll check those out.
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