Can I let my 2 year-old sleep in the back during a 10 hour long drive?
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My wife and I want to go on a trip to Luxembourg. Its a 10 hour drive, and we want to do it during nighttime. However we have a 2,5 year old and we're wondering if we can let her sleep in the back in the car-seat for the entire ride? Will we do permanent damage to her body if we let her sleep in the carseat? Usually we just take a break if we go on long rides, and we've never considered her sleeping during a really long ride.
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She'll be perfectly fine in the carseat, as have been many toddlers before her.
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Absolutely, she'll be fine, wouldn't even think twice about it.
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Buy her something like this to make her more comfortable… give it to her before the trip to get to like it, then when you put it on the seatbelt it'll be nice for her. It supports the head and neck and gives them something to brace their tummies against. My kids love theirs.
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People do this in the U.S. all the time, at least my family did, since longer car trips are the norm around here. Take that for what you will. :)
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Yup. You can do this. I've seen nobevidence it would cause physical issues for the child. And I've seen mountains of anecdata that toddlers who don't sleep on trips that long become grouchy monsters.
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We did the overnight drive with our son at 6 months, 1 year, 2 years, and 3 years! It's the easiest way to drive many hours in a row.
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Best answer: Annually, we drive 11 hours overnight from Maine to Pennsylvania with our son asleep in the back seat. We flew when he was an infant, but these trips started when he was 1 and this summer he will be 8.

Physically, he'll be absolutely fine.

The bad part is, you have a child who has had a full nights sleep and is UP! and READY TO GO! at his regular time, and two exhausted, sleep deprived, cranky parents. That is, by far, the worst thing that will happen.
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Best answer: Agreeing with above. Consider putting a piece of luggage or other box in the footwell under the carseat for the child's feet to rest on so they aren't dangling the whole time and possibly falling asleep.
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I thought this was going to be a "let my kid sleep in the way back of a station wagon" question, and my reply was going to be "please put your kid in the car seat to sleep."

If your kid is comfortable and a good car sleeper, this is fine! But I'd have a backup plan ready to go, in case you end up 4 hours into a screamfest ready to poke out your eyes with a stick.
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Best answer: This question didn't make sense to me till I realized you weren't in the US. My kids have done this many, many times and so have all of their friends. We do a 12-hr drive every summer and my younger son was about that age the first time he did it, and slept most of the way. Totally fine. Young kids sleep for huge long drives in their car seats all the time here.
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Best answer: She will be fine. You will be laughing your head off at all the funny positions she ends up sleeping in. Bring small blankets or a towel that you can roll to the perfect shape to try and cradle her head, but she will still end up hanging nearly upside down and sideways, happily sleeping away.
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I'm assuming that she'll be in a harnessed car-seat, and yes, she'll be fine. Letting her roll around the backseat of the car in funny positions would be a terrible idea though.

Anastasiav is totally right. Make sure that the adult who isn't driving is resting or you'll all be miserable the next day.
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Best answer: Yep, Americans do this pretty much constantly, I slept in the car overnight many many many times a year as a child and rather enjoyed it. Make sure she has an option of pillows and blankets and don't forget to take pictures of her when she ends up in funny cute positions.
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Is she potty-trained? You might want to double-diaper her if not... or at least have supplies for any accidents that happen en route.
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I've done this plenty of times. Don't worry about it. Check the kid every half hour at least just to be sure they are comfortable.
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Response by poster: Thanks for all your answers :) We will go with the all-night car ride :)
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