Tying shoes is hard!
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I have a hand injury that means I can't use one of my hands for a few weeks. I need shoes. Help?

On my bike ride home one night last week, I was right-hooked and went flying. Fortunately, I'm mostly fine, save a small break to the second metacarpal of my right hand. Annoyingly, though, that means I can't tie my own shoes.

For work, this isn't really a problem; I have loafers that work fine. But next week, me and mrs. pdb are headed to NYC for a week that will entail lots of walking, and I need a pair of good, sturdy athletic shoes. Snowflake details are few, but:

1. Should be an athletic-type shoe; I wear shorts a lot and my brown work loafers don't work so well with shorts.
2. Should not require tying. mrs. pdb is a wonderful, willing woman now that I'm crocked, but I'd rather not make her tie my shoes every morning.
3. Should not be Vibram Five Fingers or the like.
4. Should be able to withstand an enormous amount of walking and consecutive-day wearing.

Price is almost no object but I'd like to stay below $125-150 if possible.

Does such an athletic shoe exist?
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Madden makes a slip on sneaker for men. You can usually buy Maddens at just about any department store and on Amazon. I find their shoes generally comfortable and reasonably durable, although not the best quality.
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Seriously, I'd pick between an athletic sandal or loafer (think Tevas or something like that) or letting the wife tie your shoes. She'll feel useful, you'll eventually heal. (Maybe someday you can make it up to her by tying her shoes for months 7-9 of pregnancy! hah.)
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Have you considered just relacing your normal shoes so you can tie them with one hand?
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Rather than buying new shoes, you could try the bungee/elastic laces made for triathletes in a pair of running shoes you already have. If your wife helps you set them correctly once, you should be able to slip in and out of your shoes with one hand/without having to adjust the laces again.
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Sorry I don't have a specific recommendation but have you tried searching for slip on athletic shoes?

Something like this maybe?

You can also look for velcro gym shoes

Also, if there's an REI, running store or similar in your area, be sure to check them out. They may have specific suggestions.
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It seems like you're traveling with your wife. Maybe she can just tie your sites for you? As a parent, trying sites for someone else for a week or two seems like no big deal to me, and much cheaper than buying shots specifically for this.
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vans has plenty of slip on models to choose from. you can get two pairs for what you want to spend, and alternate them.
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REI (near me, at least) carries a couple models of Merrell shoes that are slip-on. They're not athletic shoes per se but I've put 5+ miles on them in a day and felt great. Sizing them is a bit tricky; there seems to be a huge amount of variation between pairs of the same size.

Price range is ~$90/pair.
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If you want to try regular athletic shoes, here's a nice graphic for doing one handed lacing. Here's an alternate option.
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I must recommend the Merrell Jungle Moc. They're comfortable, not too flashy, and they go with a lot of different clothes. I wear mine almost every day and They've lasted for 3+ years. I do office work and work around the house/yard with them. I own two pairs, I love them so much.
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They make no-tie shoelaces for this very purpose.
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My husband cannot bend over and tie his shoes (he uses a sock puller to get his socks on, in case you want to pick up one of those gadgets).

He loves his Skechers Relaxed Fit shoes. They come in black and brown, so not sure if you are looking for white or something more colorful. But he was able to start wearing them right out of the box with no breaking in period, and they aren't that expensive.

Skechers makes a bunch more athletic shoes. What we did was go to the local shoe outlet so he could try them on.

Also, I will tie my husband's hiking boots for him and that's not a huge deal. I even give him pedicures. That's what you do when you're married.
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The lacing system in rebekah's comment is called speed lacing or quick lacing. Most Salomon brand shoes have this type of lacing system (or you can just buy speed laces for shoes you already own).
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I'm not particularly athletic, but I switched to using Lock Laces after getting fed up with my shoelaces spontaneously untying themselves. They work great and you don't have to buy new shoes; I basically just leave them adjusted to the snugness I like and then treat my shoes like slip-ons.
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I first bought bungee laces when I started doing triathlon and I love them for everyday shoes. Should solve your problem without having to deal with a new pair of shoes for a walking vacation.
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I think a pair of Vans or any of the many knockoffs of them might work for you.
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