Is this for the drugs?
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I've been rummaging around on Amazon looking for a bit of ready shaped silicone for a thing I'm trying to build and I keep running into containers and things that I have no idea what they are used for.

The first are these little containers that don't spill or leak and are for "wax" or "oil"???

And these I thought were like superballs for absorbing stains or I don't know what to think after reading the descriptions.

Secondary question - are they automatically considered drug paraphernalia?
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It says NON STICK Silicone Wax BHO Container which googling for BHO says Butane Hash Oil.

So, it is intended for that.
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Based on a google search for Dab Wizard, yes. Dabbing involves burning a highly concentrated cannabis extract (that is sticky/oily).
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They're for storing concentrated cannabis extract, which comes in a number of forms, including oil and a waxy substance.

As to whether they're considered drug paraphernalia, that depends entirely on where you are, and who is asking.
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The first thing is most likely weed paraphernalia -- I'm thinking a little stashbox? -- looking at the logo and the psychedelic nature of the design.

The balls seem to link to a lot of products that use the keyword "concentrates". I googled "stickiest concentrates", which I lifted from some copy used for a related product (some kind of silicone surface/pad?). That led me to a lot of resources for "concentrate containers", so I googled that, and got references to medical marijuana paraphernalia. Is there some form of concentrated liquid cannabis that people use? I'm not familiar with this via casual recreational use, but who knows?

On preview, I guess the answer is yes.

One thing I have learned from living in a state with medical marijuana is that if there is something with an obscure purpose and the logo is green, strong chance it is marijuana related.
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The "superballs" are hollow and are meant to contain concentrates. See this video for a demo.
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As griphus said, whether they're considered paraphernalia or not depends very much on where you live and what the laws look like - along with who you are, what you're doing when you're searched, whether you've got some sort of drug on you, what your past looks like.. etc.

Part of my job is handing out syringes and crack pipes. At times I have thousands of syringes in my car and hundreds of crackpipes. At this very moment, I think, I have a hand full of crack pipes in my purse. I can do so because the law where I live states that if it's for the prevention of disease - in my case, Hepatitis C - it isn't considered paraphernalia under the law but, instead, a "medical device". But if that same syringe or crack pipe had some residue in it, I'd be screwed. Or if I had a bag of weed in my backpack alongside the crack pipes.
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I live in Colorado, so I know. These containers are used for "earwax" or "peanut butter," which are waxy distillations of marijuana.
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I was thinking BHO as brand, DUH. Okay, so not for making and sending bug balms and lip balms for my kids for summer camp. GOT IT.
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