Where to get a 2-step TB test?
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I need a 2-step tb test. Where do I get one?

My graduate program requires a 2-step tb test. I do not have a primary care doctor and I'm aging out of my health insurance in late June so I want to get this done now.

What I'm confused on is I don't see where I can get a 2-step, I only see references for the normal test. The health department doesn't do them. I don't know what to do. The universities (both local and the one I'm attending) do them but I'm not a student (I graduated several years ago). If the price isn't too steep, I'll do it at places that don't take health insurance, I just am confused on this whole 2-step thing.
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I think(?) all TB tests are two-step, in that they prick your skin with something and then you have to come back a few days later and they see what happened. Obviously my knowledge of this is super limited, but the few times I've had it done it's always involved two visits.
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A 2-step tb test requires 4 visits, a test, a reading, another test, and another reading just to clarify.
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A two step TB test could mean either of the following

1) A normal PPD test where you go in to a doctor's office/ blood lab, they inject you, and you follow up a couple days later to see whether you've had any reaction at the injection site.

2) Same as above, but now instead of doing this once, you do it twice - you get 2x the number of injections (usually a week apart) and follow up twice.
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1. Have you asked the universities if you can get it done there even though you're not a student?
2. Have you asked your grad program for a recommendation on where to get it done? If all their students are required to get it, they probably know where it can be done.
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You can get it at Quest Diagnostics, 4230 Burnham Ave., Ste. 144, Las Vegas, NV.

Are you in Nevada by any chance?
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A past question suggests the OP is in Ohio. If so, I wonder what county in Ohio? I may be able to help.
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It would help greatly if you can clarify where you are located. [Onn preview: I see others are speculating Ohio?]

First off, I agree that you should try what agents of KAOS suggested and see if the University will do it for you (even for a fee), since they certainly know what they will be satisfied with. Or, at least call the University clinic and ask if they could recommend something? I suspect they get the bulk of their test results from 3-4 local places and could tell you what those are.

If that is impractical for some reason, I would look up a public or non-profit clinic in your area before going straight to a lab (BTW, Quest has offices everywhere, you don't need to go to Nevada - google a local one). The reason being, the lab is a for-profit company that will bill you one-off, whereas the clinic may even USE that lab, but they get a bulk rate. To find clinics, try looking up "travel clinics," "public health clinics," and "TB testing [your county / city]."

Good luck.
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Erie County Community Health Center, 420 Superior Street, Sandusky, OH 44870
By appointment, $15 per test.

Note they have a notice about nationwide shortages. That notice, when opened (pdf), is dated August of last year. So, call and check. They offer other tests as a substitute, and tell you what to do if you are required to take the test by your school or employer..
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(Quest's website states they only do the two-step test at the single Nevada location.)
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Another location: Medina County Health Dept., 4800 Ledgewood Dr., Medina, OH 44256

Previously, health tests for cheap in Columbus, OH.
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If the second step is a repeat PPD (the skin test), then you should be able to present the results of two consecutive PPDs, and those can be obtained basically everywhere (including Minute Clinic-esque places at pharmacies).

If the second step is a chest X-ray (the more "definitive" TB test), then you will need to go through a doctor or clinic.
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Once you get it, if you have any issues with the interpretation it, this website comes in handy:

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I just did this as part of a new volunteer gig at a clinic. It is a little confusing! A 2-step TB test is simply a normal TB test, repeated. So you should be able to go to any place that offers TB tests, and then explain that you need to come back for a second one within whatever amount of time because you're required to get a 2-step test. So this is what it will look like:

Step 1a: Go get injection placed
Step 1b: Go get injection read within 48-72 hours of step 1a

Step 2a: Go get injection placed a 2nd time
Step 2b: Go get injection read within 48-72 hours of step 2a
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Yes, I just did this at my doctor's office and they only billed me for the first 'step' (first injection). I agree that this should be easy, maybe try explaining what you need? If they do a regular TB test they should be able to do a two-step, as it's the same thing, done twice in a row.
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Yep, any doctor's office that does a TB test should be able to do this for you. Another place that would be familiar with these is any occupational health clinic---US Healthworks has locations in Ohio.
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