Looking for a book but don't know author nor title
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Hi, I read this book as a teeny (35 years ago). It's about a girl that finds herself suddenly through time-travel in London in the second world war. She falls in love with a soldier and meets with her mother that was then her age. Her multicolor scarf hat a special meaning in the story but I can't remember why. As she finds herself suddenly back to present time, she writes down her happenings and gives the diary to her mother who is shocked as she remembered that girl with te strange scarf. She occasionally meets the son of the solder that looks identically as his father who did pass away in the meantime.

Can anybody help me find this book please ? I really would like to read it again and give it my daugther as well. Thanks a lot for any help.
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Time To Go Back, by Mabel Esther Allen? There does seem to be a colorful scarf on the cover.
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Wow thank you Sequence !! That's exactly the very book I was looking for!! Thank you sooo much again. I am so glad and can't wait to find and read it. Did I say thank you ? I really didn't expect someone could help me and am really happy.
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