A technical or more descriptive name for RPG core attribute diagrams?
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Does anyone here know a more descriptive or technical term for the form of the sort of core attribute chart/diagram seen in this image?
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Best answer: Wikipedia describes them (and lists other names) at Radar chart.
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Response by poster: Fantastic! My own Google/Wikipedia search was fruitless, and I really didn't want to describe them as "A diagram composed of six axes extending from a single vertex at equal angular intervals, with one attribute plotted upon each axis, and lines extending from each plotted point to the points plotted on each adjacent axis."
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I've never heard the term "radar chart," but I see these pretty regularly at work charting things like city/town income and spending, etcetera. They're called spider web charts/spider web graphs. Or just web charts/web graphs.
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More generally, the graphic/descriptive summary of an RPG character is called a character sheet.
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You can create them (radar charts) in newer versions of Microsoft word and excel. With office for mac (2011) the radar chart is found in the "other" chart category.
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