What else sounds like this? Did it have a name?
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I've been mesmerized by Karen Dalton's LP "In My Own Time" lately - both by her voice, and by her band. What else should I be listening to?

I've heard traces of this early 70s mix of country, soul, and rock before, but now I really want to hear more. Who else sounds like this? Did this sound have a name at the time? It feels like it came specifically from that particular era.
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Try Sibylle Baier, Linda Perhacs, and Connie Converse.
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Great album. I second greta especially on Sibylle Baier, though be aware there's a little more melancholy present in her songs than Karen Dalton. Angel Olsen is also reviving this soulful country aesthetic. Also check out Josephine Foster.
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Kate Fenner, perhaps.
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From the 70s maybe David Ackles (Down River), Vashti Bunyan (Come Wind Come Rain), Tim Hardin (Reason to Believe) Kevin Ayers (Stranger in Blue Suede Shoes), Fred Neil (I've Got a Secret), Tim Buckley (Buzzin Fly). More recently perhaps Beth Orton (I wish I never Saw the Sunshine), Joanna Newsom (Inflammatory Writ), Joan as Police Woman (The Ride)
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Laura Marling?
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I think you might like Iris Dement although her stuff is more country.
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Nick Drake.
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