Please help my mother find this fabric
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My mother is hoping to find this fabric (another view) for sale, but not having any luck. (Except all this scouring of fabric sites is turning up many other prints she absolutely has to have...)
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Can you tell us what kind of fabric it is? I would guess calico but cant tell for sure. Also is the outline of the blue petals a metallic gold?

Where did she find the fabric originally, and is there any of the edge left, with a number or test print on it?
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I cannot resist a search like this. Here it is...
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Many thanks terooot! My mother will be thrilled. Now to find coordinating fabric...
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Yup, I just found this site which also lists Kaufman as the source.
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The Hawthorne Threads site lists co-ordinating colours on each product page. Looks like they don't stock it, but if you e-mail them they might have done in the past.
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