When will the Del Close Marathon tickets go on sale?
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When will the Del Close Marathon tickets go on sale? And is this the sort of thing that sells out really quickly?

It looks like the final day of the 2016 Del Close Marathon is coinciding with the first day of my next trip to NYC (June 29). I always try to attend ASSSCAT when I'm in New York, and I'm guessing the Sunday shows will be even more star-studded than usual. But that makes me think they'll also sell out a lot faster.

The UCB site doesn't have any tickets on sale yet for June, and I'd like to get the jump on the tickets as soon as they're posted. Does anyone know when these would generally go on sale? And are there any particular Twitter or Facebook pages I should follow to be notified as soon as they're available?

(I know there's a wristband for the entire weekend, but I'm only there for the last day and I'd rather be guaranteed entrance to one or two shows than spend any time in lineups.)
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Why not call UCB and ask? They can probably tell you when tickets will go on sale, or about when they usually do.
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