Arthritis and spray bottles
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I have pretty severe arthritis in my hands and fingers. Most things I can manage well enough with. But not spray bottles - spray wax for my hair, for instance - some things I can put into a smaller bottle. Any tips or gadgets? With spray paint, the have those trigger things that help immensely. (I'm not looking for recommendations about different hairspray or whatever.) some of the products cannot be removed from the original container.
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I assume this is the trigger thing you mentioned?

I wonder if you could use something like Sugru to give the spray pumps a wider base for your hands to find better purchase. Would that help maybe?
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Not thread sitting, but should have included: wide bottles are nearly impossible to hold and depress. But it's primarily a function of how hard the nozzle is to depress. I don't even know what to search.
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How about an automatic trigger spray bottle?

Version 1 (36 oz.), version 2 (48 oz.)

For stuff that's too fussy to decant, you can just unscrew the automatic heads from the provided bottles and sort of unceremoniously plunk them on top of/into your existing bottles.
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Preston Sammons make a lot of adaptive things; this looks promising... e-z spray
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Sorry, but I'm a bit confused; can you give a bit more detail about the exact nature of your difficulty? Is it "I can't push the button down if the bottle is too wide for me to get a good grip on", or is it "I need something with more of a trigger-pulling action than a button-pushing action", or...?

And can you also give some examples of exact products that you've had trouble finding in a usable form? A lot of the hair spray I've seen now comes in pump sprays as well as the tin-can aerosol form, and those can be unscrewed and decanted into other containers. (I'm assuming that that's what you mean by "hair wax.")
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