My dream notebook: Does it exist?
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Help me find my dream notebook! I'm looking for a journal-style notebook, ~5x8 and not spiral-bound, with grid (preferably 5x5) paper, that is smooth and thick enough for double-sided writing--something akin to a Moleskine squared. Difficulty level: tabbed pages (with a cutout for tabs, rather than protruding dividers).

I've searched everywhere and not found what I'm seeking. The closest is here, but this product is no longer in stock, and is also lined, rather than gridded paper.

Bonus points for a dot grid, rather than a lined one, and a price <$20 USD! Alternately, can I take a Moleskine to a shop and ask them to cut the tabs for me? If so, what type of shop?

Any hints appreciated! Thanks!
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The Moleskine Passions line has cutout tabs & is $20
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Close, but needs to have unadorned pages (except for grid/dot marks) and tabs. But thanks!
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Alternately, can I take a Moleskine to a shop and ask them to cut the tabs for me? If so, what type of shop?
This may be a long shot but you might want to check yelp or google to see if there are any local bookbinders in your area. One might be willing to do a one-off job like that for $20. Can't hurt to ask.

There's also Search for "journal" and if you see a seller that has items close to what you're looking for and accepts custom orders you can contact them. I don't know what custom journals are going for now and days but if place a bulk order you may be able to get close to (or under?) your $20 price point.

You could also ask at a local printing/copy shop if they can cut tabs in a Moleskine. Last resort you can ask at FedEx/Kinkos or even Staples/Office Depot in their Copy/Printing/Binding department. I think their answers will probably be "no" but you might as well cover your all your bases.
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The Clairefontaine 8959 hits all but one of those, but it's spiral-bound.
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You can cut the tabs yourself with an exacto knife and a ruler. My friends and I used to make our own address books when we were highschool kids. Doesn't take very long to do, nor a high degree of skill. Other than that, Moleskine makes exactly what you are looking for.
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I'm a diehard Clairefontaine partisan. The 9542 meets all requirements except for the tabs, which you could cut in yourself. I believe a similar notebook is also available in hardbound, if that's what floats your boat. Once you experience the smoothness of the paper you will never go back to anything else, particularly if you're fond of fountain or gel pens.
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Pretty much any copy/print shop will have a heavy-duty shear for trimming bound booklets etc. I bet many of them would also have a shear/diecut attachment to cut "inny" (sp?) tabs. Give a local printshop a call (not a Kinkos/Fedex) and see what they can do for you.
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Thanks everyone! Going to try the Clairfontaine 8959, and check with local bookbinder/printshop to see if they can cut tabs in a Moleskine!
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I'm a fan of the Rhodia notebooks -- dot grid, plus they're nicely put together (better than Moleskine, in my opinion). No tabs, though.

Amazon link
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