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I need help with a simple stitch thatI just can't figure out.

I'm left handed, but learn best by watching righties. I've been learning needle tatting via You Tube and charts. I'm doing pretty well, except I cannot figure out how to join a series of chains to picots, like in this rosette necklace.

In other words, chain, picot, chain, picot, with no rings between.

Do you have a link to a video that shows what to do, or can you give me a simple explanation?
(I understand most of the terms R, C, ds, p, J, RW, cl, etc.)
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This tatted wild rose may fit your requirements. The example is small, but looks like you can make it larger by adding "petals".
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My sister tats, but with a shuttle and offers this:

I'm not sure, but I hope this link may help:


Basically, whether you're making a ring or a chain, part of the thread is
turning into the loops of the double stitches, and part is the base thread
that the double stitches loop around. For the join, you put the picot over
the looping thread, pull a little loop of the thread through the picot
until you can fit your shuttle (or needle?) through it, and then when you
pull it up snug it forms another loop around the thread that just happens
to link through the picot. That joining loop becomes the first half of the
double stitch, and then you do the second half to lock it into place.

Clear as mud, right?


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When I put both of your answers together, it helped a lot.

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