Help me identify these vintage cordial glasses
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I am in the market for a set of cordial glasses, and really like the look of these - but I would kind of like to own more than two. Can anybody help me figure out what brand they are, or where I could find more like them? (Coordinating but not identical is also acceptable.)
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Those look like old, tiny champagne glasses to me, but you might be looking for sherry, port, or pony glasses.
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You want vintage dessert or sherbert glasses. My Mom used to take these down every Sunday, out of the china cabinet, and give us ice cream or sherbert in them after supper. It was a special treat, eating ice cream out of those glasses.
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Do you know about how many ounces they hold? That'll make a difference in what they were intended for, although offhand I'd call them champagne glasses, possibly from the 1930s/1940s not 1960s.
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I agree with Marie Mon Dieu, those are dessert/sherbet glasses, not cordials. Cordials look more like quarter-scale wine glasses.
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