I need logo'd coffee mugs in 9 days or less. Difficulty = $250 budget
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I need to have coffee mugs imprinted with our company logo and delivered to downtown LA in the next 9 days, all for a budget of >$250.00 Anybody know a guy? Personal recommendations of reliable vendors urgently needed, thanks!
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How many?
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Whoops! 36.
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You need to find a "pad printer". That's a really small quantity considering the time needed for setup, but you might find someone willing to do it for $250.
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This online vendor that I have used in the past and been happy with will get you 72 pieces in 3 days for less than $240.

Your quantity is really low, but assuming you want the plan white coffee mug, the actual items are cheap enough that you should be willing to take more than is necessary to get the job done.
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Zazzle will let you create your own mug/shirt/hat/thong/onesie/whatever.
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I've had good luck with inkhead.com . You may need to pay to expedite.
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Came to say (and now second) vistaprint. They are wicked fast. Great products. And always coupon and discounts available. Looks like their reg price on mugs is around $9.50 but shop a little and you'll end up with a discount offer from them.
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You probably want to find a promotional products distributor such as 4imprint.com.
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In a panic, you could also use Walmart's photo mug service. We had this done in an hour for a set of mugs. It won't quite fit under your budget, but it will meet your timeframe.
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So far, Quality Logo Products as recommended by sparklemotion is awesome. If the quality of the mugs equals their customer service, it will be a total win.

Plus, they send out puppy pictures to confirm the order.

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