Where can I learn/get back to speed with *practical* Java?
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I majored in CompSci. I have 7 years of programming experience. I spent 2 years coding in Java. But then I took a break from programming, which lasted for about 5 years, and now I'd like some hand-holding while I'm finding my way back.

I've been looking at Udacity's Intro to Programming Course in Java and Stanford's Programming Methodology. But I know the theory, I went through the concepts whoknowshowmanytimes while getting my degree and, frankly, I'm a bit tired of them. And knowing how inheritance works, or what interfaces are, is a lot different than knowing how to build business applications and which frameworks to use. So I'm looking for something that would teach me to use Java (J2EE) for application development in 2014.

- I've heard about Git. I know how version control systems work. But I don't know how to make Eclipse work with it.
- I know about unit testing. I've used JUnit in the past. I don't know if there's anything better now.
- I've used Ant but now Maven seems to be popular. I only have vague recollection of how Ant works. I think I used it for one project only.
- I've used Seam and Click frameworks. What are the cool kids well-paid corporate developers using these days?
- And what about ORM? Still Hybernate or something new?
etc etc

So far, the best thing has been Eclipse and Java for Total Beginners, especially for showing me exactly how to set up my project and use things like JUnit. (I had completely forgotten such things.) Is there something similar, but broader?

In essence, I'm looking for websites, books, videos, online classes, online mentors, anything* that would teach me how to set up and work on real-life Java projects, not just cute little programming exercises.

Personal experiences and examples are also welcome.

*Due to family obligations and constraints on my free time, in-person, face-2-face options are not really a possibility at this time. Unless they come with a babysitter, a chef and a housekeeper.
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Effective Java and The Practice of Programming may help. They won't tel you how to set up eclipse, but they will tell you about frameworks and processes.
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This series of blog posts might be worth a look. I think there is another part expected soon.
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I had asked this, fwiw.
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