Looking for a specific recording of Rocky Top by the Osborne Brothers
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Recently, Spotify removed a recording of the song Rocky Top by the Osborne Brothers (listed as "Rocky Top (Original Version)") from their library and I desperately want to find another copy. It's not the single version because it has a fiddle instead of steel guitar. I'm pretty sure it's a studio recording.

I've looked through discographies, compilations, and everywhere else I can think of but I haven't been able to come up with this track. It's possible that it's not actually an Osborne Brothers recording and I'm looking for the wrong artist but the voice and instrumentation sounds spot on and I feel like it probably is them. I really want to find this recording but have completely hit a brick wall.
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The album cover that was on Spotify looks like this — searching by that image does provide a link to the iTunes store but the song has apparently been removed from there as well!
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There's this Grooveshark link to a single CD -- is that it? It still sounds like pedal steel.
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Nope, that's the same recording that seems to be everywhere.
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