This is not "Veritas liberabit vos"
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I am designing a coat of arms, as a gag, that would have the Latin equivalent of "Just to piss you off" as the motto. It just doesn't quite cut it in English. Can this be easily translated into a Latin equivalent?

I don't think the Google Translate answer is really even close: "Ad urinam pedum off iustus es." Any thoughts from our esteemed corps of Latin scholar Mefites?
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Do you need the Latin to be explicitly scatalogical, or will general crudeness do?
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Best answer: I'll try:

Modo ut tu offensus sit

Literally, "Only so that you might be offended." You could also use indignans or iratus in place of offensus.
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Bah, additional research indicates that using tantum instead of modo might preferable.
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Response by poster: Thanks, Maecenas. That's headed in the right direction.

Singing Fish: General crudeness will work if the sentiment is the same. Thanks!
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Best answer: "Irritamentum irae" means "incitement to anger", and has a nice alliterative ring.

If you just want a urine reference, my trusty copy of Adams' Latin Sexual Vocabulary quotes Petronius saying "Qui non valet lotium suum", a useful proverb which translates as something like "He who is not worth his own piss". You could tweak that to something like "Valet lotium tuum" (It's worth your piss).
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Best answer: Non valet lotium meum

It's not worth my piss.

Non vales lotium meum

You're not worth my piss.

Mind you, it's a tertiary meaning of valere, and it's getting away from your initial request.

Solum ut te exacerbet

Only so that it might irritate you. (I'm not completely sold on solum, and tantum with ut can lead to other expectations, but it's late and I have work in the morning, so -)
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