2 weeks to live...what to do?
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5 hours ago, I received final confirmation of my diagnosis and life expectancy: 2 weeks. The accuracy of the prognosis was stated as 98%. My affairs are in order and my attorney is coming around tomorrow just to make sure 1.] Are there any particular things that get forgotten in such a situation? 2.] I'm sort of up and about still. Any fun (or otherwise) recommendations? Many thanks.
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Do whatever the fuck you want to do. Have the best two weeks ever!

But make sure the people you love know you love them.

Have you considered writing and recording an album? If those facilities are available to you, you could just make a bunch of music.
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I know what I'd do (eat everything delicious, snuggle my children, write up some stuff for my kids to read in years to come especially at milestones, tell my family how much I love them, call up old friends and tell them what they've meant to me, read up on some philosophy about what might be coming next.) Any of that sound appealing?

I wish you comfort...
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Do you have children? If they're young record a video to them.. if they're older, record a video to your grandchildren.

Also I'd write out all my passwords and usernames and pass them on to someone you care for. If they're accounts you never want people to see the light of day of, delete them.
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Make a video of you doing the things that you most love doing. Ensure some way to have copies made for everyone that you love.

That restaurant you always wanted to try but didn't want to spend the money? Go tomorrow night, or this weekend.
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To the extent you are able, throw yourself a party.

Write letters or make recordings for people you won't be able to see again.

Tell your loved ones how much you love them.

If you can, spend some time in nature.

I wish you comfort and peace in these days.
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Where do you live?

In two weeks, Vermont is hosting Playa del Fuego, a Thursday-through-Monday "regional burn" i.e. Burning Man in a field, not the desert, over Memorial Day weekend. If you don't have friends and family to take up that precious (and man, if there was ever an appropriate use of the word, this is it right here) weekend, there is a gathering of some of the most creative, fun-loving, positive, and crazy human beings on the planet who I know would *love* to help you throw the best dang going away party a $40 ticket and a tent can bring.

If you'd like more information, please don't hesitate to MeMail me.
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Do things *you* love with every single minute of the time you have.

Personally, I'd worry less about leaving behind something for everyone else--they almost certainly already have plenty to remember you by. Unless you think someone is unclear about how much you love him/her, don't waste time on making them feel better about your illness. You've got to focus on yourself and getting the most out of the time you do have.
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I am sorry to hear about your situation. I wish you much peace in comfort.

In the meantime, here is something I came across, that you might find useful.

Get Your Shit Together - Life and Death Planning:
Low effort, high reward

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What have you enjoyed most throughout your life? Were it me, I'd be seeking out all my favorite foods because eating is one of my greatest pleasures. I would eat all my favorite food, all day, every day, until I didn't want to anymore, especially if other people were available to share meals with me. That way I could spend some time letting people know how much I love them with good food in our midst.

Thank you for being here, and I hope that the next few weeks are exactly what you need them to be.
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I think (think) I would avoid things that made me lose time (meaningless television, drinking to excess) and embrace ecstatic media (some films and albums are so beautiful they make me ache), boredom (which stretches out time), people, and gentle exploration of psychedelic drugs (that I was pretty sure wouldn't give me a bad trip), especially MDMA (though I have zero experience with any drug, and would listen to others before I just jumped in assuming a certain chemical would be meaningful or enjoyable during my last few precious moments).

I hope much of my time would be spent on long drives through beautiful country while listening to my favorite music, with friends in the car if possible.

I would also look forward to eating small portions of my favorite foods cooked exactly how I wanted them.

I would probably find it difficult to face thoughts of non-existence, but I hope I would be able to do so early and often, so that I felt prepared and not panicked during my final few days/hours.

I'll be thinking of you. Live well.
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If it is not contagious, I would probably get laid. With whomever. Whenever.

But in my heart of hearts, I am just a repressed tramp.

I would also go around telling people things I wanted to tell them but never felt able to because it felt too vulnerable or too rude (and try to be nice about the "rude" things like "honey, I think the reason you can't get a date is because X obnoxious thing you do and I say that with love in my heart in hopes that you will stop doing that and finally get a date"). That was the main take-away I got from my time sitting just outside death's door and I still do that and it is mostly an enriching experience, usually for both me and other people, in spite of the fact that some folks find me annoying as fuck (and they let me know).

((HUGS)) and may these two weeks be awesome and may the afterlife be even more awesome to you.
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