How to find a medically-reputable service/advice for cryo-storing tissue
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The way modern medical therapies are going, it seems that decades from now it would be advantageous to have a source of your more youthful cells or tissue stored long ago and available if needed. So I should investigate storing some now, but know little about this. How do I find out which kind(s) of tissue would be the best choice to store, and how do I select a cryo-storage service with an excellent medical reputation for harvesting, storing and successfully delivering tissue in a medically-useful state?

I asked my GP doctor about this. He thought it was a good idea, but didn't know enough about that area to offer much advice. I've poked about online, but don't want to just take consumer-facing company PR websites at face value.
How do I learn how to best go about this, or get knowledgeable recommendations? (Personal experiences and anecdotes also welcome.)

I'm in California, but I'm not ruling out services in other countries.
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My internist is working with a company to harvest patients' stem cells for future use; here's information about this (he's in New York City).
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