Applecare about to expire - last minute diagnostics?
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My Applecare for my Macbook Pro will expire in a month. I haven't used it for anything save a replacement charger, but I'm wondering whether there are any diagnostic tests or lists of common problems I can check against to see whether there are any repairs I should ask for. It's totally fine if the answer is a simple "no" - I understand for hardware, if it doesn't fail right out of the box or in the first few uses, it's probably fine. I just want to double check!
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You can run the Apple Hardware Test (AHT).
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Go ahead and get another new charger right now, even if the one you're using is fine, because those things are designed to fail. (I did this at my local store's suggestion.)
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Is there cable fraying on your charger? You could ask about another replacement charger.

Are any keys failing on your keyboard? You could ask about a new top case.

When you plug the charger into your MBP, does the LED change color to indicate that it is charging? If not, you might ask about a hardware check and replacement of the power unit.

Personally, I haven't had much luck with the AHT disc reporting problems, even when there really were problems to be found. You could schedule an appointment at a local Apple Store and ask staff for a hardware check. They might find something with their diagnostics that you can't. It can't hurt.

Some of this work could take a few days of your computer being in the repair shop. You'll want to make a backup, beforehand, just to be safe.
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Take it to the Genius Bar and say the battery doesn't seem to be holding a charge for very long. They'll run a battery test and possibly swap it for a new battery.
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Here is a list of things to do when you are buying a used MB, same applies in your case.

Here is how to run AHT.

Here is how to determine battery cycle count.
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Battery test, definitely. Coconut Battery is the easiest way to get the cycle count and charge level with guidance on what's problematic. The battery swap on a unibody MBP takes about 15-20 minutes at an Apple Store if they're not too busy. I believe it's a "store's call" whether it's covered, but I got my replacement under AppleCare.
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FWIW they won't replace the battery if it's older than one year. They're not designed to last as long as the machine itself.
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I got a battery replacement under AppleCare on a two-year-old MBP. The charge level dropped pretty drastically in the month or so before I took it in (3500 MAh to around 1000) which might have swayed it towards being a warranty repair, but I went in expecting to pay the standard replacement fee and ended up having it covered.
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