Museum jobs in Los Angeles: tips, suggestions, advice?
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Pretty basic: my partner and I are relocating from the East Coast to Los Angeles in July; I am hoping to find a job (or jobs) in one of LA's many fascinating cultural institutions. Primarily looking for positions in research, outreach, or education. I am looking for any suggestions as to listserves, forums, job posting boards, or other places where I can start looking for posted positions, as well as any local groups like the EMPs that I might be able to join once there.

I am interested in museum and other cultural institutions, but I've worked in other sectors of the educational and non-profit worlds as well. Do the universities (public and private) tend to post only on their own internal websites, or are staff/admin positions cross-posted? I do have some local connections, I'm on a museum educational listserv and AAMG-L and I know about AAM's jobs board. I did see that there is an AIA group that has a number of archaeological lectures a year. I'm hoping there's something like this or this for the LA area.

Any suggestions are very welcome and very appreciated, as are tips about any great exhibits, awesome installations, or quirky galleries that I should check out.


(Given the location of my partner's job, we will probably be moving to Brentwood/Culver City/maybe Santa Monica-- I am completely open to jobs that do not require the 405!)
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AAM's job board, the listserv, and the job board of the regional museum association usually assemble jobs postings and put them up on their sites, including those from universities. USA jobs is good for museums attached to the federal govt.
posted by PussKillian at 8:19 PM on May 11, 2014 and Leicester Museum Job Desk are my go-to sites. They post jobs globally but it's reasonably easy to search each site by location. (Apologies for the lack of links, I'm on my phone.)
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Check the State, County, City Arts comissions/associations for "Opportunities" listings.
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Your best bet is to look at individual museum websites.
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You can also check SoCal HERC (Higher Education Research Consortium). It includes job postings from many of the universities in the area, most of which have museums.
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California Association of Museums:
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