Does sharing a file on Dropbox give them access to other Dropbox stuff?
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I'm sharing a project with a colleague via Dropbox. I've followed the directions to do so. It's very simple. This sounds obvious, but I want to be sure and I can't find it explicitly stated in the Dropbox documentation. When this colleague has access to a particular folder, they don't (or can't) have access to my other Dropbox folders and files, right? Thank you.
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Nope, you share folders only. Keep only what you want to share in that folder, and you'll be fine.
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Thanks bluedaisy!
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If you create a shared link outside of the shared folder, only that file is shared, however it is shared with anyone that has that link.
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And the only security that a Dropbox shared link has is the obscurity of its random-looking URL. Once you've shared a Dropbox link, you've completely given up all control over who has access to the item it links to, because whoever you shared it with can pass it on to whoever they please.

Google Drive is a bit more secure in this regard, because you can make a shared item accessible only to people logged into Google with a specified account name.
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Flabdablet is right that a link to a file or folder can be shared with anyone. However, you can revoke the link from Dropbox's web interface if you no longer wish to share the item.
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