Where can I fill my growler near Pasadena?
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I have a growler from Pyramid breweries with a plastic screw top. I bought it because I figured I'd be able to fill it up all the time. Unfortunately, I just got off the phone with Stone Brewery in Pasadena and they won't fill my growler because it's a plastic screw top (must be a flip top) and because it has a different companies logo on it (though they said I could scrape it off, which I don't mind). Any other ideas for where I could fill my growler for a party tonight?
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Try Angel City downtown, I don't remember if they do screw tops or not but they're more lax about labels. Golden Road sells screw tops, but I don't know if they'll fill another brewery's growler.
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I can confirm that Angel City does screw tops, but I've never tried to get a non-ACBC growler filled there so a phone call would be wise. It's not really all that near Pasadena, but in the LA metroplex concepts such as "near" take on different meanings.
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It is technically illegal in California to fill a growler from one brewery at another brewery. Some places will also refuse to fill unbranded growlers. See http://craftbeerguy.com/new-growler-rules-no-changes-soon/ for an excerpt of the law and the loose interpretations some breweries have (i know it is a year old, but the law has not changed in that time).
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So I don't mean to be mean but I think even a phone call might not make it clear if they would fill it once you get there. It seems like some bartenders might fill a growler from another place, but if you talk to person a but then person b is tending bar when you get there, they might say no. And you might call some places that don't want to admit to illegal behavior over the phone but who might do you a solid if you show up with the growler.
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(The laws actually did change in the past year, but that doesn't guarantee a fill.)
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I was at a friend's place last night & he was showing me a growler wrapped in opaque plastic so it could be refilled at both Eagle Rock Brewing & Golden Road.
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