Is it the start or the end of the period?
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My wife and I have a question about Skyla IUD inserstions and sex.

We're sitting on the couch wondering if we can have sex with a condom. She started her period yesterday and has an appointment to get a Skyla IUD next Friday. Her doctors and all the Planned Parenthoods are closed.
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The point is that IUD insertion is contraindicated if there is any suspicion of pregnancy. I would be unconcerned about risk of pregnancy during her period and with a condom. (Note: I am assuming there is nothing snowflakey about this IUD, and IANAD.)
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My OB/Gyn did not care what sex I had pre-insertion if I was wearing a condom.
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Yes, sex with a condom is a-okay. If it breaks, you'll want to delay the Skyla insertion until your wife has had a negative pregnancy test.
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