How do I calculate combined percentages?
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Mathfail: I'm considering supplementing my cat's food with plain meat. I'd like a rough idea of how much it would bump percentage of calories from protein and fat.

Here are the numbers I'm working from:

Total calories: 215

Canned food calories: 180
% calories from protein: 32%
% calories from fat: 59%

Meat calories: 35
% calories from protein: 77%
% calories from fat: 8.5%

If I combine these together, what are the combined calories from fat and protein?

I'm looking at a couple of canned foods, and would be grateful if you could walk me through the calculation. I feel dumb asking this - I'm sure I learned how to do this at some point in my life, but my math skills are rusty.

(For the curious: this is to compare numbers of cheaper food + meat to more expensive food.)
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Response by poster: Adding to my confusion:

Canned food:
% calories from carbs: 9%

% calories from carbs: 0%
% calories left over from who-knows-what: 14.5%
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Best answer: Start by converting the % calories to actual calories:

32% of 180 = 180*.32 = 57.6 calories from protein (can)
59% of 180 = 106.2 calories from fat (can)

77% of 35 = 27 calories from protein (meat)
8.5% of 35 = 3 calories from fat (meat)

Now, add the calories together:

57.6 + 27 = 84.6 calories total from protein
106.2 + 3 = 109.2 calories total from fat

total calories is 215, so % of calories from protein = 100*84.6/215 = 39.3% approximately

I'll leave it to you to figure out the % of fat :-)
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The above is assuming you are combining equal portions. Equal in weight? Equal in volume? Well, it depends how the original percentages were calculated.
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Response by poster: Thanks, that's perfect. (I was using ounces for both.)
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Response by poster: Sorry, to correct myself: the calculations for percentages in canned were originally done using grams. I had total number of calories per 5.5 oz. can, and total number of calories per 1 oz. meat.
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Response by poster: I had some numbers wrong. I put the formulas into Excel, crunched the correct numbers, and came to a similar answer: supplementing a decent but cheaper cat food with ~20% calories from chicken results in an awesome, affordable diet. Thanks again!
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