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HairFilter: After a year or more of growing my hair out for the nth time in my life, I have decided to shave/buzz cut it off, but I want to have some fun doing it! Specifically, I would like to integrate some crazy and/or interesting hair adventure into my Halloween costume. Suggestions, please, all you lovely Mefites!

Advice about the ins and outs of a clean-shaving the head (starting with a full compliment of hair) would be appreciated, as I haven't done it before - although I have had a full beard in the past, and shaved that off. Also anything about making hair stick up (products, techniques etc) as my current idea is to dress up as a punk, with a spiky mohawk.

Finally, what is the deal with donating hair for good causes? I looked into - Has anyone had experience with that?
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Go on Craigslist and get in conact with one of those guys who will pay you $100 to videotape the hair-cutting.
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What about shaving the top of your head bald, and creating a wicked comb over?

That would be interesting.
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It's doubtful you have enough for locks for love; minimum length is 10" and hair grows about 1cm a month, putting yours at around 5" if you were bald when you started. Additionally, you don't just cut it and send a big ol bag, you have to put as much as possible into a ponytail and cut evenly.

I think the mohawk is the best possible costume plan for you. Mohawks are always cool.
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My bro has some pretty long hair and to put it in a huge spiky mohawk for a Slipknot concert he used gelatin. Pure gelatin from the grocery store, mikes with a bit of water and used like hair gel. If that's a little too much for you, ICE Spiker is prett good.
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You could shave the top of your head, dye the remaining tonsure blue and the rest of you yellow and go as Mr Burns.
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Could you shave something into your head? A kid in one of my college classes won my love when he shaved "MOFO" into the back of his head. Now, I see on Facebook he has a city skyline.
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When you shave it, a word of advice if you've not done it before: get a $20 clipper set and buzz the hair down with no guards on, so you have 1/4" or so left at most. Use a fresh disposable-type razor with lots of cream after that. You're going to have hellacious razor burn if you go over the area more than twice with the razor to get it down to the smooth skin. Just shave a nice 1"x4" strip at a time before you thoroughly rinse the razor of gunk.. go slowly.
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Take this opportunity to get your driver's license renewed.

(Yes, they're real.)
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Best answer: A mixture of eggwhite and sugar will make your 'hawk stand straight up.
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Travis Bickle.
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Diddly - roflmao, tha'ts you, right?

If this is the first time you're shaving your head, your scalp is going to be quite sensitive. It might be a good idea to spring for some better shaving cream/gel. There are non-foaming shaving gels that, imho, are a lot more effective than the ones that lather.

Biotherm homme has a shaving gel called AcnoClean. It's like astroglide for shaving.
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Yeah, don't skimp on razor or shaving cream quality "just because it's this one time". I'd add that you WANT a good moisturizer afterwards, especially as a virgin. Cetaphil w/UVA SPF15 is nice for your face and scalp every day and fairly cheap.
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PurplePorpoise - that's my uncle and my friend. I'm expected to be the third.
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I know someone who shaved their hair into a monk cut for halloween.
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Tonsure and really long tonsure that doubles as a combover are both things I've seen. They're entertaining. Another idea: half your head shaved, the other half long/unshaved. That's a haircut I've had [think something along the lines of Delirium, from the Sandman comic books.] Gets a lot of compliments, particularly with nice hair dye. [Also makes for great official ID photos. I'd rather not scan them in, but my driver's license and passport photos are quite special.] Hair dye is also always fun, and won't be a problem if you're planning to shave your head afterwards.

Depending on how long your hair is, it might be a good idea to cut the bulk of it off with scissors first - that'll make the shaving part easier. I didn't cut mine first, and it tended to get caught in the clippers in weird and painful ways. Get someone you trust to do the shaving - you won't be able to do the back of your head yourself, and many people can't shave straight lines across a bumpy scalp. I didn't bother with shaving cream, but it's probably a good idea. Unless your hair's really long, locks of love [or similar groups] probably won't take it.
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Check out this 'cool tool' for headshaving. Never tried it but it looks helpful.
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Ditto the HeadBlade - in fact, I wrote that review! They are available at some Walgreens and Rite Aids, as well as other stores - check the website. Also try their HeadSlick shaving cream. If this is one-time thing, you might not want to spring for the razor, but I'd still get the HeadSlick. (If you have time to wait for shipping, you can get just a sample to try it first.) It probably seems a little expensive for only 8oz of stuff, but I use it on my head at least once a week, and my face every day, and a bottle lasts me like six months.
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My first husband shaved his head to look like Mr. T for Halloween -- everyone seemed to know who he was, in spite of him being a red-headed Irish/German boy.
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'Nuff said.
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I suggest international globe-trotting comic character Tintin!
One live-action interpretation can be seen here.
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Back in my shaggy-beard phase I did a great Two-Face costume that would also be perfect for you. Basically, shave one half the head to the midline, do the other side up completely wild. Makeup the wild half, and you've got the head.

For the body, I took two button front shirts, one a dress shirt, the other a ratty old flannel shirt that I cut in half and pinned to half of the dress shirt.

I didn't bother splitting the pants, but you could do that the same way, or just tear up one leg or something...

Then, on Nov 1, just shave the other half of your head...
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