New York Times Purchase in Paris and Italy
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Is the Sunday edition of The New York Times available for purchase in Paris, Rome, Venice or Florence. If so, where can it be purchased?
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I know you can buy the NYT at WH Smith on Rue du Rivoli in Paris, because I've done so many times. If memory (~2 years ago) serves, you can't get it until Monday. Maybe that's changed by now. You might also check the Starbucks near the Centre Pompidou.
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For clarification, are you looking for the U.S. edition of the Sunday NYT? If so, upon reflection, I'm not sure that exact edition is what's available - I can't remember if I used to buy that or a special "International" edition of the NYT. I do know that if you contact WH Smith they could tell you which version they sell.
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I used to get this a week later at my local library when I moved from NYC to Wellinton, NZ.

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WHSmith in Paris is shut on Sunday, you can buy it from Relay at Gare du Nord, downstairs on level -1 which is the metro level, opposite the entrance to line 4. There are other Relays upstairs at Gare du Nord, but they are not open on Sundays. It's open from 8am to 7.30pm.
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I've gotten the berliner sized edition of the Mon-Sat NYT on the same day of US release in London, but the Sunday NYT was flown in and sold on Monday (which was also the case in Paris and Berlin). This was before the International Herald Tribune's name change to International New York times.

I'm in Leipzig right now and have only been able to find the International NYT.
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