Surplussed! Help me invest 5K in training
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First they came for the artists, then they came for the customer service reps, then they came for tech support, then they... Well, you get the idea.

The Good news: I am good financial position to cope with it. The much less good news, I am 57.5 y.o., and my long term strategy had me working til 62. Could likely retire now, however I feel a better margin for error is highly desirable. Also, if I found a line of work that I really enjoyed I am open to working longer than 62. Most of my working life has been doing one of the following: sales, training, internet marketing analyst, office manager.

OK, so, part of my severance package is 5K that I can invest in ANY type of training that would help me get a job going forward! Could be programming, barber school, beekeeping, you name it. Being in essence an office drone, I have thought about learning more excel/salesforce however I am open to learning something for the sheer joy of it, but it must be related to the possibility of getting a job going forward. Outside my current field I have thought of pastoral counseling, personal training specializing in seniors, therapis, woodworking, literacy coach, temp work. I have asked friends, so far have heard: java, CIS, beekeeping, haircutting... Curious to hear what YOU might do with this opportunity, could be anything as long as it leads to a job. Fine if it relates to me, but I would love to know what YOU would do too. kind regards, jcw
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I'd invest in becoming a Administrator, then an Analyst.

It's an easy system to learn and use, and it's hella fun. I learned it at age 46 and it's standing me in good stead. Couple that with some Excel Advanced classes and you'll work until your 70's if you want!

I'm serious!
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I would do an immersion class in another country to learn Spanish (I speak some, but not well enough to use it for work). It wouldn't directly lead to a job, but would improve my desirability as an employee enough that I think it would qualify.
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Don't know where you live, but I'd invest it in a coding academy and then transition to technical writing, if you have a tech support background.
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Salesforce is a nice, practical idea. I might personally take classes in statistics or accounting. Less practical suggestions that arguably relate to jobs (along the same lines as woodworking and beekeeping): yoga teacher training, landscape design, cooking classes, massage.
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Great ideas. My suggestion is that you diversify the training at least a little bit. See what is offered at your local community college as far as programming, coding. That can be a big discount. Would they also pay for you to have a membership to
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Response by poster: Am loving the suggestions so far, I am actually getting excited about getting "surplussed". Keep em comin and thank you thank you thank you. No idea too wild.
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