At work I need a way to track job folders without 'seeing' them.
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We have a physical job folder that moves from department to department along with a database system. As much as I want to give up the paper folder, we need to keep it. So I ask you how best to tag each so I can walk in a room and some device tell me what job numbers are in this area?

UHF RFID comes to mind as I can correlate each tags code to our database job number. Any help is appreciated.
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I thought RFID as well. Here's a labeling system that might work for you.
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The key words you want to use are RFID Document Tracking. looks like there are a ton of different vendors that would like to set you up with readers, digital inboxes, all sorts of things!
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I think barcode tracking, with wireless scanners, may come in at a lower overall cost than rfid. I see vendors that do both - after all, the software is the same, it's just the tag/reader technology that's different.
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Response by poster: Thank you all for the help.
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