Google Translate has let me down - Filipino translation help please
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Its written by someone from the Philippines, but my Google research implies that that could mean one of several languages. Anyway, help much appreciated.

I am so used to Google translate enabling me to understand everything I come across, but it really can't make any sense of this. Is anyone able to translate this for me to satisfy my burning curiosity please?

naku taas nkung kinatulgan 11 or 12 evning samot na og fafa ka esturya bahalag mag buntag hay fb makalagot maka lipay
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Most of the words are Cebuano (a common language used in the Philippines), but even when you know that, it still doesn't make much more sense-- there are too many abbreviations and colloquialisms that I don't understand.

"IT'S FACEBOOK CAN rise even EXHAUSTING HALA dotdot to ALA UNA MADAHAN done MATA ALAS 6 AM if true answer
I long NIF sleep 11 or 12 evning sir increasingly talking bahalag morning I can fb loathsome joy"

English and Tagalog words mixed in as well-- a relatively normally occurrence in any diverse 21st century city-- like Spanglish. Without knowing more context, I can't tell anything else. Hopefully someone who really knows the languages will chime in.
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A filipina friend from Manila is unable to translate this. Where did you see it and why do you need the translation?
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My friend says: "I think the first sentence means (after looking up some words) is like staying up late (1am) though tired and have to wake up at 6am, just to use facebook..?"
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My Bisayan's not as good as my Tagalog, but here goes:

How can Facebook make me stay up even when I'm tired? Even though it was 1 in the morning, I went/didn't stop until 6 AM. I really don't have an answer.

I was already going to bed/to sleep at 11 or 12 in the evening, which makes this story worse in the morning, but FB is annoying and entertaining.

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Thank you so much to all who answered. My curiosity is satisfied & I am at peace!
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